A New Year’s Gift for Your Scripture Writing

Whether you were inspired to begin Scripture writing by this recent post, or you’ve been doing it for a while and enjoyed seeing the many different reasons and methods for it, or if you’re still contemplating giving it a try, I have a gift for you.

This was actually a gift to me, created and given by Katie—the same Katie who shared her story and her journals in the article linked above.

The Scripture Writing Tracker is available below, which you can print and use in several ways. This beautiful document is something that Katie designed for people like herself, who would agree that “there’s something about coloring in a dot on a page to track your progress that is just so rewarding.”

I’m going to put myself in that category! I’m currently writing out Psalms—this morning was half of Psalm 69—and while I plan to fill in Psalms on my “Books of the Bible bookshelf” when I finish it (see bottom of previous article for that photo), it’s going to take me a while to copy out 150 chapters. So I’m excited to start using this tracker for steady and frequent visual encouragement.

I can think of a few ways that this chart could be useful and helpful to anyone who’s planning to be in the Bible this year:

1. You can use it exactly as intended, filling in a circle for every chapter you write out, one book at a time.

2. You can use it for more random Scripture writing, filling in a circle from different books, picking and choosing what you’ll write that day or that week.

3. You can also use it to keep track of your Bible reading, instead. Every time you finish reading a chapter, fill it in.

I’m so grateful for Debbie and Katie, who, respectively, first got me started with Scripture writing and then inspired me to share it with others. I hope these two posts are also encouraging to you as you make plans to continue with or increase your time in the Bible this year. Download the Scripture Writing Tracker below.

(Note: This tracker is designed for those who are writing or reading whole chapters at once, it so wouldn’t work well for those using a topical Scripture writing plan like Debbie’s Think on These Things plan in the previous post.)

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